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Holistic Denver Therapist Valerie Varan As a holistic integrative counselor and coach, I can help you 1) transform fear and hopelessness into inspiration and empowerment, 2) consider healthier ways of being, and 3) ultimately reconnect with your heart and soul. As mind and emotions harmonize with spirit, multidimensional healing can occur.

In my integrative private practice, I generally follow a bio-psycho-social-spiritual holistic approach where I help you:

  • rule out biological causes of emotional imbalance, such as nutritional issues, abnormal brain or hormonal activity, insufficient movement/exercise, or other medical conditions
  • foster healthy thinking patterns that lead to an overall sense of well-being
  • learn skills aimed at calming your mind, relaxing your body, and balancing your emotions
  • navigate life transitions, such as career change, parenting, or divorce
  • improve and expand healthy social relationships that support your vision for your highest self - in marriage, at work, or in your community
  • as requested, make sense of spiritual experiences; or explore spiritual questions, doubts, and confusions, using your own framework of belief and faith

Please click Areas of Practice below for more information on my humanistic style of psychotherapy and life coaching, or call me today at 303.547.8327.

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