Recent Testimonials


Holistic Counseling


“Dear Val, I consider it a blessing you came into my life. I was in spiritual, physical and mental turmoil. I lacked focus and purpose in my day to day life. You helped me prioritize my feelings and emotions. I have forgave and reconnected with family and friends. I have a stronger, healthier relationship with my wife & kids. I’ve focused on my health and lifestyle and have had dramatic improvements. I sold my business and am now exploring new possibilities for my future. I have found a church that meets my needs. I feel confident about my life & future. Thank you forever!” ES, age 42

“Since working with Val, I have been able to put plans into action and organize ‘life’ a lot. She has been very passionate in our work together and has never failed in helping me with resolutions even when I’ve felt there aren’t any….She has helped in every aspect in my life from personal stuff to business developing. She’s got it all.” SR, age 21

Bioenergetic Work

“Valerie is magic. I have Hypereosinophilic Syndrome and complications that resulted in possibly permanent nerve damage. Her treatment lasted over a week. I was able to feel the bottoms of my feet again and regain my balance.” EK, Colorado Springs, CO

“Valerie’s gentle touch and focused energy relaxed my body, and released the shock and trauma I felt from my car accident. It was very apparent from the reactions inside of me (actual tremors and shaking) that the trauma was moving, which helped me completely heal with no residual results from the accident. I highly recommend her to anyone who may want this type of healing.” JF, Boulder, CO

I look forward to our working together! Call me at 303.547.8327 to answer questions and to schedule an appointment or free initial 30-minute consultation.